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Sheet Metal Calendering

Calendering makes it possible to transfer a conical or cylindrical shape to a flat semi-finished sheet metal product.

The bending process is managed by a system of parallel axis rollers arranged in such a way that the sheet of metal to pass through them follows a circular trajectory.

The radius of curvature is adjusted by acting on the reciprocal position of the rollers. The machine tool responsible for this process is called calendering machine.

Infinite Shapes and Infinite Ideas
Large and Small Sizes
Flexibility and Versatility
Our machine fleet

Infinite Shapes and Infinite Ideas

At FLAMA we have mechanical and hydraulic calendering machines able to manage the bending of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum at the service of the most varied industrial sectors and for every need.

calandratura flama verona macchina

Calendering, Large and Small Formats

A processing range up to a maximum width of 3000 mm allows the processing of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheets up to a maximum thickness of 5 mm.

Flexibility and Versatility

An integrated CAD/CAM system ensures a simple transfer of information from the design phase through to the production phase.

In this way, the machines are programmed quickly and flexibly, ensuring that modifications and sampling can be carried out at reduced costs.

Continuous and Automated Production Cycles

Our plants are integrated within a production process that is constantly monitored with the help of specific management software in order to guarantee maximum punctuality of the delivery.


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